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102.1 Experiment FM

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Goodbye, Ames

ExperimentFM is sad to announce the station will be going off the air in the very near future.

After over six years of service to Ames, ExperimentFM has failed to find a new home for its transmitter site. Over-the-air service on your FM radio will end in the upcoming days, with internet streaming being interrupted soon thereafter. Internet streaming should return in the near future after a studio relocation and reassembly of the station.

ExperimentFM has survived these past years enjoying the generosity of land owners and tenants willing to donate studio and antenna space for its transmissions. The station has had to relocate several times, and some very faithful listeners have followed ExperimentFM around.

Unfortunately, under current financial conditions and time and space constraints, it's not possible to continue broadcasting. ExperimentFM is so sorry to have to leave the airwaves.

If you know somebody who would be willing to donate space to ExperimentFM, please have them contact the staiton. Thank you!

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Music: Requests?

Got a song you want to hear on the radio? Your friendly ExperimentFM DJ will be happy to pull it out of ExperimentFM's music library.

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* Phone: (515) 451-2122

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102.1 The Experiment is a micropower broadcast radio station serving Ames, Iowa at 102.1 on the FM dial. 102.1 is a local, non-profit station dedicated to bringing voices to the Ames radio dial which the community otherwise wouldn't hear. ExperimentFM is Ames' source for jazz, folk, blues music and a whole lot more.

Listen Online

Can't be near your radio? Listen to ExperimentFM online!

ExperimentFM provides two streaming formats, including a near-universal MP3 stream. Click below:

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64kbps Windows Medaia stream: (lower bitrate)
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